From a young age I knew I was creative. Seeing colors and textures create harmonies just made sense to me. My mom taught me how to make jewelry for which I will always be grateful. I was fascinated by the rich history and culture of beads: who made them, traded them, how they got to me and where they would end up after I made a piece of jewelry. I spent a number of years in the fashion industry, as a jewelry designer. 

After many years of a wonderful journey, many of which took me on the road, it was time to come back and make my home my cozy space. My concept of designing simply shifted from self to space and an entirely new world opened up in so many ways! It also allowed me to embark on this new industry and career. I found that my favorite places to design in my home are my living room and kitchen area. These spaces are where others gather most often, and where we spend times with family and friends~cooking, eating and enjoying each other’s company. Therefore, these spaces always have to be the most honest reflections of our authentic selves, have the most creativity, and have to offer the most to guests as well. 

Having a warm home is having a welcoming home. I don’t know if it’s my Jewish culture or if that’s just how I was raised. There was always enough food for everyone, nobody was turned away at the door, and my parents always told people to help themselves. With that being said, of course there have to be enough bowls, plates, serve ware, baskets and cloth napkins to put in the baskets! I was also taught that if you’re going to someone’s home, have a small gift in hand. 

The most important part of my shop~the common thread from home decor to gifts or gourmet~is to remain authentic. I will always search for unique items, look to unify cultures from around the world, find rare and one of a kind pieces, vintage items, fabrics or work with artisans to create something special, just for this shop. My customers will always find that here. It’s important to me that we do things differently, that I ask that of artists, that I see what we can do, because it’s for you. It will always make this store special, and I take pride in that. If I’m not afraid to be creative enough to have the idea, I am determined to see it happen!